Monday, April 10, 2006

2015... India

Well what do you think India will be in 2015?? I can definitely see the following things happening:

1) People will die from diseases like cold and cough due to incorrect treatment given by the incompetent doctors. Medical tourism to India will be a thing of past. Medical tourism from India will be the new thing in.

2) No one will be driving over the bridges and flyovers because you never know what kind of stupid design the incompetent engineers used and for how many minutes the bridge will stand. Probably if it stands long enough for the politician, who made that engineer possible, to come, inaugurate and give a long lecture about secularism and evils of caste system then the bridge would have served its purpose.

You can make N number of such points which are definitely unavoidable if the Government goes on with its stupid and unethical plan of more reservation.

And you know what; the above is not the biggest part of the tragedy. The biggest tragedy lies with the people who were competent but reservation made it impossible for them to get ahead. What are they gonna do?? Fake certificates? Robberies? Suicides??

I can't help but think about 'Atlas Shrugged' here. There was a time when I first read it and thought 'ok this is the extreme which is never gonna happen' but now I am no longer sure. Clowns like Paswan, Karunanidhi and Arjun Singh, who are among the shittiest politicians that you can find, are pushing the common man to the edge. I would love to know where these guys’ kids study. Well certainly not IITs and IIMS... for now... but wait till they bring out reservation for politicians too.


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