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RE:The Alarmists, the anti-Mandalites, the middle class, the upper castes…

Hmmm...Read a very sickening post. Though I don't wish to waste my time in protesting something which is so evidently wrong but still can't help. So here it goes:

"There are more than enough seats for all higher education students in the country. Be it engineering or medicine or management or plain old BA courses, there are more than enough seats in this country. Why then are the anti-reservation alarmists painting a picture that some general category people will go without an education?"

Oh is it so? Then why do you need reservation in the first place???

"If you read this and this, you will know more or less why I support reservations in principle: I’ve seen how caste prejudice works and I have seen how reservations help.

There is this whole one-point facetious argument of merit. In my college 22 or so per sent seats are reserved for Christian students. Fair enough: the college was established by Christian missionaries and wishes to preserve its Christian character. As a result I have Christian classmates who got much less marks in their Class 12 exams than I did. But many of them are performing much better in their academics than I am. Quotas and the issue of merit is much more complicated than what it is being made out to be. Quota doesn’t mean that an absolute nutcase is going to sit in an engineering class. It means that a student with 65% marks could be studying in a class with a student who got 95%. To say that the two can’t co-exist is absurd."

1) Well if owner wants to screw around with his establishment he is free to do it. But if he/she/they are using my money in the establishment then it is highly objectionable. So if they don't come asking for charity from me or some one who opposes reservation, I would not mind how they run their institution.
2) Ofcourse not every one on reserved quota is a 'nutcase'. Let's make it even better - let's assume no one is 'nutcase'. But every one of them has hijacked a seat from a more meritous student.

"The media has coined a corny title for this one - Mandal II. In the last post Dilip has already mentioned media bias in the coverage of the issue. I’ve been getting all kinds of sms-es from friends in Delhi University: gather here for protest, gather there for protest. NDTV has promised support. Sahara has promised support. And then an sms said that Aditya Sarma (a III Maths student of Hans Raj College) is on a hunger strike and may immolate himself soon.

I wonder if Mr Sarma is planning to contest Delhi University Students’ Union elections next year. That’s what Rajiv Goswami had done after attempting to immolate himself in 1990. Goswami finally succumbed to health problems in 2004. Do you see the irony here: by the time his immolation killed him, Shining India had arrived. The picture they had painted in Mandal I - that ‘we’ will be left unemployed, uneducated - is the last thing you see today.

If Aditya Sarma does immolate himself, all those of you igniting this unwarranted frenzy - all the bloggers and editors and the chai-shop gossipers - you will be responsible for it."

1) Are you receiving SMSs from media or 'your friends'?
2) If 'your friends' organize protests and the media covers it, how is it getting wrong?
3) If media is biased, is it the fault of people protesting against reservation or the idea of 'anti-reservation' or the media? Are you protesting against 'anti-reservation' or the 'wrongs of media'?

"Lastly, all those opposing “Mandal II” should tell us whether they are non-OBC. Upper castes are no doubt meritocratic (which is why sons inherit fathers’ businesses), and they are no doubt oblivious to caste (just see the matrimonial pages), but there is the hint of vested interest here. And if you are opposing reservations because admissions will become tougher for you, you won’t get the point of affirmative action anyway."

1) I am non-OBC.
2) I did not and neither plan to inherit my father's business.
3) I have no plans of studying any farther as of now.
4) What about you?
5) Do you mean to say that there is 100% reservation on people who can protest against reservation? And there is no restriction for people who support it (including the B P Mandal)?

"Lastly, as an aside, will you believe me that I have met Mandal? No, not Justice BP Mandal but Ashok Mandal. He is a rickshaw puller in Delhi University and hails from Murho in Madhepura. Just where Justice Mandal came from."

Will you believe that I have met my office' liftman? Well he is a non-OBC local Maharastrian and did not come from Murho in Madhepura. Probably that's why B P Mandal didn't know there are poor non-OBC people to in India. And before you ask, I am against reservation for him too.


Blogger Nirav said...

Hi Ranjan,

Came to this blog through Blogger's random blog. Nice thoughts. Keep them going.

Do let me know when you post more thoughts. My email is


7:06 AM  
Blogger Gaurav said...

Loved the last para. Linking to this post.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Ranjan said...

Will surely do. Also, if it possible and if you want, you can delete the email id from the comment. I hate spammers and people getting spammed.

Thanks. Just can't help sarcasm in situations like this.

7:48 PM  
Blogger darsnik said...

a ver nice logical post. but the sad part is in india logic is not utilised where it is need most almost all of the times. politics and administration

11:33 PM  
Blogger Ranjan said...

Singling out India won't be the correct way to look at the problem. Check out any corner and you will see that there has been a tradition of what you see here. It has nothing to do with nationality I would say.

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post man, theotherindia guys think that they are doing a great job by writing these type of posts, let them do their own analysis.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post man, theotherindia guys think that they are doing a great job by writing these type of posts, let them do their own analysis.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Ravi said...

I kind of aggree to your take. I have only one thing to say - rather than protesting or finding faults with the reservation system, why dont the so called upper castes just tell the nation that - THEY ARE GOING TO VOTE.
The upper castes ( so called )never vote - they just appear in media interviews and protests taking the high moral ground . A time waste. Just go and start excercising your franchise.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Mentor said...


Sorry but couldn't stop writing about your first three lines. The same feeling killing all of us. We don't go to vote just thinking it's or others. If these disgusting politicians are going to be elected by them, This is what will be happening over and over and beleive me, I see 100% quota for SCST/OBC in 2015-2020.

Anyway, I appreciate your post. Would love to read more and going to link you.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Rudresh said...

there is a supreme court ruling which does not allow reservation greater than 50% and hence government stopped at 49. however very soon they will be changing the constitution or bring in some bill that will overrule the above supreme court decision amnd we will have complete reservations for all the people who comprise a vote bank......i dont know which of the vote banks i will join....lets start a vote bank for people against reservation and then we will also get some seats....hehehehehehe.....good blog ranjan.....

5:43 AM  

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