Friday, April 14, 2006

My last post on the reservation

Recently the issue of 'reservation' has taken the blog world by storm. I believe the idea of 'reservation' as a 'novel concept' can by blasted to tethers by reasoning in a short time. How do you justify the volume of the arguments in the blogs and the related comments? Well look more clearly and you will see two things:

1) A person trying his best to keep putting up logical reasons to validate his ideas.
2) A looney hell bent upon throwing every reason out of the window and whose only aim seems to be disagreeing with every logic thrown at his face.

Gaurav put a link to a nice analogy in one of his comments. The current situation is not much different.

The reasonable man learnt his lesson and has decided to move on and I too taking a cue from the happenings have made up my mind not to torture myself reading and replying to shit. How can you reason with a illogical man? I am lucky not to undergo what this person was very near to go through and Gaurav went through during the IIPM saga.

Looks like saneness in this world can only come by Naveen's way . He may have said all that in jest but I am pretty convinced of it.

Till then I will just sit tight and try to amuse myself with the little things which aren't big/important enough for crappies to mess with.


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