Sunday, June 18, 2006


We Indians have repulsing double standards on racism. When we are at the receiving ends in Europe or US we cry our voices hoarse over it. But we ourselves don't miss a chance of the sadistic pleasure of the giving end. The latest example being the treatment meted out to the African community (students as well as people on business visit) in Mumbai.

Coming from the North-East region but not being from the ethnic communities of it I have seen enough hate- how my community is snickered upon there and how those ethnic communities get unfair treatment outside of the region.

But Mumbai seemed to have a very cosmopolitan attitude when I came here an year ago. Now a cynic might say that getting the bare minimum to survive is a big struggle here and hence people do not have time for all that. But certainly I for the first time felt comfortable carrying the baggage of my origins ( being born and brought up in North-East I cannot relate to it by any of my tastes, habits or beliefs, but still you can never shake off such things). However the recent events have shaken me out and brought to reality. Looks like I didn't notice the racism here coz I was not on the receiving side ( the way I was in North-East and in the south).


Anonymous venkatraman said...

You have rightly pointed out on the racism in india...and it is not just confined to people from the north-east, but also people you have darker complextion(more from the south).
After all this people comment that brit's & americans are racist lot.
Its high time people in the land of gandhi evolve to higher plane of thinking and more importantly higher plane of action!

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